Our “Swiss Precision” Guarantee

Our services are beyond compare for the following reasons:

  • We strictly provide original parts only.

  • Our business partner, Marcel Larice (Carrosserie Larice AG), in Zurich is well-known in the automotive sector, with over the 30 Years working experience.

  • We have access to every spare part of every tuning brand.

  • We utilize special tools to fix any kind of vehicle.

  • We provide free technical support by phone

  • We have a Car-O-LINER Data Sheet for every vehicle type.

The benefit of buying from Swissparts24 is how long it takes for you to receive your order from the date it was purchased. Normally, it would take several weeks to a few months to actually receive your purchase to arrive in Thailand. At Swiss24, orders are received by our clients at their doorstep in less than 7 days. This becomes possible with our ability to have direct access to the specific manufacturer’s warehouses and personally ship the orders via Air Cargo (Thai Airways) to the designated auto shops in Thailand. This is an obvious advantage over the competition—an advantage clients cannot find anywhere else.

Our clients can also save on shipping because Swissparts24 orders are repacked into smaller boxes. No more bulky packaging. Swissparts24 GmbH also utilizes special tools that can be used on any brand and any kind of vehicle which would fit to our clients’ specific needs. We also have a wide selection of spare parts for all luxury and classic cars; as well as for trucks, buses, and motorcycles.

Our hotline representative is also available 24/7 to offer technical support and answer our clients’ queries.